We are Happy to Answer your Questions about our Adirondack Cruises

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do the cruises go?
The Sightseeing Cruises are 2 hours long and follow the historic steamboat route, leaving the Old Forge Pond and heading up the 1.5 mile long channel, rounding Indian Point, and entering First Lake. We follow the channel across First Lake. We pass the deCamp Islands, entering into Second Lake.  We cross Second and Third Lake and head into the narrow, natural, channel connecting Third and Fourth Lake. Once through the channel, we enter large, beautiful Fourth Lake, cruising out along the north shore and returning along the south shore, behind Alger Island State Campground. From here, we go back through the channel, cross Third and Second Lake, and return to First Lake on the back side of the deCamp Islands. We then cruise First Lake and the channel, returning to the Pond.  It’s a 15.3 mile round trip.

Do all OFLC vessels meet the 2006 NY State safety standards?
All vessels are inspected annually by the New York State Department of Parks & Recreation, which govern all land-locked bodies of water in the state and meet all State standards. All Vessels have been stability tested in conjunction with State inspectors to receive their current capacity ratings.

Are your captains licensed?
Our captains are licensed by the New York State Department of Parks & Recreation. The captain’s licenses are displayed on all vessels.

Do you take reservations?
Reservations must be prepaid to guarantee seating. Tickets must be purchased in advance through our website or by phone. We accept Visa & MasterCard. Advance ticket purchase is strongly recommended for the Fireworks Cruise and the Sightseeing Cruise on weekends during the Fall Foliage season.

Do we need to bring life jackets?
No. The boat has all required safety equipment on board, including life jackets. Passengers are not required to wear a life jacket during the cruise, but we will happily provide one to any passenger that requests one. Children under 12 are not required to wear lifejackets, but parents are allowed to bring life jackets for their children to wear. Please watch small children riding on the upper deck.

How many people does the Clearwater carry?
111 passengers using both the upper & lower decks – though we often limit ticket sales to 100 passengers per cruise.

How big is the boat?
The Clearwater is 60′ long. (Learn more about her here.)

Are the boats handicapped accessible?
The Clearwater is handicapped accessible. The entryway on the Clearwater is 27″ wide. The restroom on the Clearwater is not wheelchair accessible.

Is there a restroom on the Clearwater?
Of course!

Is there anything to drink/eat on the boats?
The Clearwater has a snack bar on board serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bottled water, soda, beer, wine, and cocktails, chips, pretzels, candy, nuts, and other light selections.

Can I bring food and drinks on the boats?
Due to NYS liquor control regulations, no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought on board or taken off our vessels. Due to new Homeland Security Guidelines, passengers are no longer allowed to bring any beverages on board any of our vessels. The only exception to this rule is to accommodate medical conditions or mothers with baby feeding needs. There is a snack bar serving refreshments, beer, wine, and snacks. Passengers are welcome to bring a bag lunch or snacks.

What if I make a reservation and cannot make the cruise?
Old Forge Lake Cruises cannot refund reservations but, you can reschedule for another similar cruise. Please call ahead to ensure availability.


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